The 7 Worlds of Gaiana

The island

The Eye of Vecna

We had been traveling for a couple days before we finally reached the island where we would have our first test to see if we were worthy of becoming Masons. Aldwyn called for all the new recruits to the stern of the ship for a quick lesson. We lined up and told us about the Akashic Record, a promise that is made between the land and the people who write it to keep the world from taking control of themselves. Ingraved as follows: “My mind is my own, My body is my own. I shall not harm this land and it shall not harm me.” The last section being optional. If this promise is broken the land no longer will have any restraint towards aggressive behavior. After explaining this to the new recruits he briefed us on our first test.

We were left on an island, our only objective was to find the “Relic” that was somewhere in the center of the island. So with nothing else to go on, we ingraved the Akashic record on a nearby rock and started moving towards the center of the island. The forest was thick and we struggled though without a path. As we traveled deeper into the island, madness started to take hold. Nana suddenly hears a scream, she believes it to be her father and instinctively begins running towards it. Everyone else chases after her confused as to why she has sudden become so frantic. Nana soon calmed down, but only after 2 attempts to restrain her, realizing that it was the forest messing with her head. After another bit of traveling Garuk becomes afflicted by the forest’s hallucinations. He see’s his mother dead sitting by a tree. He becomes convinced that one of us or he himself killed her. Garuk begins to freak out and Nana decides to hide and watch from the shadows. Xen starts to try to calm him down but in his confused state he begins to attack Her, striking her with his flail. Looking frightened she backs up to the tree and puts her hand on it doing her best to show him that there isn’t anything there and that the forest is messing with his head. Luckily Garuk finally comes to his senses and realizes that there isn’t anything there. Xen patches herself up a bit and they continue onwards, more aware of themselves and the tricks the forest is playing on them. (WIP) -Nick



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