The 7 Worlds of Gaiana

Nana's Journal: Dew Drop Landing

I’ve grown accustomed to the stuffy and tense atmosphere of most noble gatherings, but I was pleasantly surprised with Dew Drop Landing. Nobles and non nobles mixing together so well was truly a sight to behold. I found it quite amusing at how uncomfortable some of the nobles seemed to be all dressed up in peasant garb. Honestly I wish I could’ve commissioned an artist for a few portraits.

Sadly, I couldn’t enjoy the festival too much. A maid must be ever vigilant and honestly whenever I look away from Erdan for even a moment he finds a way to embarrass himself and his name in increasingly creative ways. He got drunk on a wine that is nearly impossible to get drunk on…

Children aside, I DID enjoy myself and get a bit of work done as well. I got a good bit of blackmail on Eto Elaizon. Either her husband suddenly chanced race and look, or she was with another man. I swear most nobles think they can just change clothes and be completely inconspicuous. Either way it works for me. I’ll definitely use this as leverage next we meet.

I also managed to make a friend in Mavis, a cook who serves the Masons. I helped her acquire a spice, not very well known apparently. I also took the liberty to restock the kitchen with several other spices and flavorings. Mavis enjoyed this immensely.

It was the last day there when I finally decided to let Erdan suffer whatever fate his buffoonery brings him. The half orc fellow named Garuk brought me a drink. I decided ‘why the hell not’ and challenged him to a drinking contest.

Naturally I won.

The next day there was a huge feast and I had to, once again, keep Erdan from making a huge fool of himself. Shortly after we were all brought aboard the ship and we set off for our training.

All in all, this should be a piece of cake.



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