The 7 Worlds of Gaiana

Nana's Journal: Eye of Vecna and what came next

Well, it’s truly been quite an exhausting past couple of days.

After the Harvest Festival, we were all on our way to the grand fortress of the Masons. It appeared though, our training would start sooner rather than later. After being told such, there were more than a few among our ranks who were dissatisfied with such news. Aldwyn thought it prudent to have a show of force. He almost hit Lord Chalmire with his weapon. I swear to the Gods if he had hit him…

That’s beside the point. We were taught the rules to survive and made our way to a floating piece of rock that would serve as our first test. I immediately scrawled an Akashic record and we continued further into the island. Our mission was to retrieve an artifact in the center. The team consisted of myself, Garuk, Erdan and Xen.

I’ll go ahead and skip the nightmares that followed.

Let’s just say we all lost out minds for a bit.

We made it to the center a little worse for the wear. I spotted eyes watching us and upon casting a little light on them, they attacked. We dispatched them with a bit of effort and discovered that the relic we were to retrieve was replaced with “the eye of Vecna.” Shortly after I learned a valuable lesson.

People suck.

While showing just a little bit of mercy and not letting someone slowly burn to death, she cursed me. Not your average every day swear words, but an honest to Gods curse. Since then I’ve been easily forgettable. Well that is to say, no one remembers I exist. I’ve tried everything in my power to try and fix this, but everyone around me just so happen to be the most skeptical people in existence. With everything the Masons deal with, you’d think they’d be more open minded. I quickly realized I would receive no aid from them when a CLERIC of all people thought I was a simple stowaway.

I was left alone and forgotten in a dungeon for twenty four hours. The dungeon had very good locks. When I finally escaped I was met by a hooded man. Naturally I was on guard, but he seemed very aware of my situation. He gave me at first what I thought was the most roundabout way in existence to kill myself, but given his oddly specific instructions, I figured I might as well be open minded.

See? It’s not THAT hard.

I followed his instructions to a T and found gold and a ring. No he did not propose to me, he simply made a proposal I couldn’t refuse. After taking his hand I was pulled away into a hidden place. Now I will strike from the record any dealings I’ve had with this man at the risk of spilling secrets bigger than myself. All I can say is that I will find a way to break this curse, but perhaps I can do some good while it afflicts me.



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