The 7 Worlds of Gaiana

The Calm Before the Storm

The Harvest Festival at Dew Drop Landing

Xens perspective

We began our journey leaving the Mason sky ship on to Dew Drop Landing. Everything was decorated for the festival, nobles from all over Gaiana have gather together to take part in the festivities. Each member of our party went off to enjoy themselves. Xen went off to sight see while Ard and Garuk enjoyed the festivities, Nana stalking behind Ard to keep him in check.

Most of the day was spent drinking and eating the foods all mixed with the special Dew Drop Berry, which pretty much “tastes like happy” as Ard put it. While the others enjoyed themselves drinking Xen went off on her own to see the Dew Berry fields on the second day. She was looking at some of the magical farming equipment when one of the land owners noticed her and struck up a conversation about the machines they use. After hearing that Xen was pretty good at making and repairing machines he asked if she could look at an old machine that hasnt been working for some time. Xen was happy to help and went to work.

She worked on it all day and into the night, seemingly engrossed in her work. When she finally finished she set it up and it roared to life for the first time in many years. The farmer was extremely grateful for Xen’s help and insisted on letting her stay until the festivals end. Xen was caught off guard and uncomfortable with the praise but couldn’t refuse. He also wanted to truely repay her for what she did and decided on giving her one of his special bottles of what was essentially Dew Berry moonshine. Though Xen didn’t drink much she could tell it meant a lot to him and accepted it. For the rest of that week she stayed in a guest room in the farmers house, meeting his wife and daughter and being accepted as almost family.

The night before the last day of the festival Xen decided that she wanted to try the “Dewberryshine” that she had gotten. She poured herself only one shot of it, but it was too much for her. It was so strong that it made her overly confident and she starting doing things she almost would never normally do; dancing, and acting extremely charismatic the whole night. Ard saw this as his chance and started flirting with her but even though the “drunkness” Xen could see his advances and did her best to skirt away from him. When she started to sober up she realized everything she was doing and left the party extremely embarrassed, going back to her temporary lodging.

The last day of the festival concluded with a huge feast that went on thoughout the entire town. Aldwyn gave a speech to the new Mason recruits before giving a toast to us giving our lives to a better cause. It was at this time that it became more and more appearent to Xen that becoming and being a Mason is much more dangerous than she originally thought. The next morning everyone got on the ship and headed out to become part of the Masons.

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