• Garuk Kyn

    Garuk Kyn

    Orc with some Pally-funk
  • Nana Iodin

    Nana Iodin

    An Elven maid/rogue with a sharp wit and a sharper tongue. Currently quite hard to remember.
  • Xen Halthorn

    Xen Halthorn

    A young sorcerer/engineer who is fairly shy around new people.
  • Adia Ederogue

    Adia Ederogue

    Adia is the wife of Tan Ederogue, Heiress to the Edreogue Fortune
  • Aldwyn Mason

    Aldwyn Mason

    Mason Foreman, Airship Captain, leads a team of Shapers and Trains new recruits.
  • Ard Stormalong

    Ard Stormalong

    Swashbuckler and noble problem-child
  • Cad Niyitt

    Cad Niyitt

    Servant Girl to House Ederogue, Handles the comings and goings of the social schedule
  • Etoshotun Brightmine

    Etoshotun Brightmine

    Eto for short, this old dwarf runs mining operations in Dule for the Dule Mining company
  • Ganede


    Full Orc Tailor/Dressmaker
  • Grand Master Casimir

    Grand Master Casimir

    Wise, oldest living member of the masons. She is the Current Grand Mason.
  • Kasden Lokur

    Kasden Lokur

    Xen's gnomish mentor who owned a small workshop in Iona. Has left Iona many years ago in search of new business.
  • Nezeros


    Dragonborn Blacksmith for the Masons.
  • Reler Yenul

    Reler Yenul

    New Grand Mason- WIP
  • Rurik Balderk

    Rurik Balderk

    Risque Dwarf Bard, fond of all things hedonistic and morally dubious.
  • Tan Ederogue

    Tan Ederogue

    A wealthy Gnome noble and heir to the Ederogue Fortune.
  • Utot Tass

    Utot Tass

    Gnome Crime Lord who works out of The Mysterious Dolphin
  • Zesh Mason

    Zesh Mason

    Aldwyn's First mate, a sarcastic, but reliable compainon. Palidin of Corellon Larethian.