Ard Stormalong

Swashbuckler and noble problem-child


Age: 25, young and full of Vigor

Sex: Male, VERY Male ;)

Height: 5 feet and 8 inches of wonder

Weight: all YOU need to know is he is lean and gorgeous ;) (167lbs)

Eye color: Brown like Chocolate

Skin color: Oh so perfectly sun-kissed tan

Hair: Flowing, Blonde, Luscious

Legless: Almost

(he wrote his own description…)

Moderately built but surprisingly durable Half-elf of Noble descent. He is chronically full of himself and always attracting attention, whether good or bad. Though dressed like a commoner and frequenting low-end amenities he is of noble blood and versed in noble mannerisms. He is more than capable of fitting in among high-society but often chooses to avoid it. He keeps himself fairly well groomed, even when he seems to be drunken or exhausted, he seems to have mastered keeping himself presentable in appearance and utterly abandoned doing so in his actions. He frequents large crowds, pubs and just about anywhere he could attract a crowd and play them to his natural charm.

He is always equipped with his dual blades which he wields with a variety of sophisticated fighting styles. In combat his facade is abandoned, he still acts showy but shows a deft skill and mastery of his weapons as well as intense focus and capability on the battlefield.

He is not very resourceful and his one greatest non-social, non-combat skill is his uncanny ability to hide items on his person. He has a number of flasks full of drink and his coin is dispersed among a number of wallets and pockets he keeps in his complex outfit. All of which one could hardly tell is on him at a glance.

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What everybody knows:

Ard is a cocky half-elf of some noble descent who loves to drink and draw attention to himself.

(this will grow with time)

What Nana knows:

Ard Stormalong, real name Erdan Thaddeus Chalmire was the bastard son of a high-elven noble and his Human mistress. His true mother had moved away for most of his childhood to be spared the wrath of his adoptive mother. His father on the other hand was a showy, excitable and extremely social nobleman who offered to his son anything he could ask for. Laucian Chalmire raised his son on tales of high adventure and swashbuckling pirates and musketeers. The joys of sailing the skies have always appealed to Ard but often been denied him by his overprotective adoptive mother. His mother had often sheltered him and forced his focus towards manners and education while his father's influence has always helped him to ignore all that boring bookspeak and pinky-raised babble. Ard's passion for the sky has been expressed many, many a time in the form of his stowing away on any ship destined for anywhere but his parents' small private island. He has made it a ways but never more than a few days travel from his home before being escorted back by armed guards and his personal maid Nana. Nana has been with him since his early life and has adapted to her always being in the background despite how often he drives her patience to its edge with his acting out. Ard entertained himself well enough on the island, he held lavish parties and gathered large circles of friends to his island, making him very social. Ard was never so dreadfully bored when on his parent's island as when he was to be educated. Every note, book and tutor they sent for him got stale in a matter of seconds. The only learning he cared to do was the self defense classes. He took to weapons of any kind and his father's generosity allowed him the opportunity to train with most any type or style in the realm. While his talent for weapons crossed most anywhere he was never more enraptured by a hobby than fencing. The Rapier became his favorite weapon. Ard had developed a talent for smuggling items on his person to hide them from the many guards that his parents had to assign to him to keep him from sneaking off. When the first real opportunity arose, Ard took the first ship he could as far from his family's island as he could, to Dewdrop landing, where his family's servants were collecting masses of dewdrop berries for distilling and preservation as the delicacy is favored among some high circles. His retainer, Nana detected that he was missing not long after he left, as usual and sought after him. (this data subject to change as time goes on)

Ard Stormalong

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