Garuk Kyn

Orc with some Pally-funk


Hes a big ass mofo that links to have fun and hit shit.

(More to come)


Basic backstory, will expand.

Garuk grew up on a chunk of land roughly 85acres in size with his mother, father, and younger brother, with neighboring islands nearby with others from his tribe. His younger years were spent with his mother who guided him in following in her beliefs which all-in-all lead him through his pursuit in becoming a Paladin. His father on the other hand would always keep him late, wanting him to be his pupil when it came to the forge, which would leave not that much time to play on some times as he was growing up, so when he has opportunities to act “childish”. But because of all of this, he always felt like he was responsible for those around him, and that same feeling was his drive to wish to join the Masons, to be there, where they need him.

(ill think of a better name for this part)
The months under the Masons

After being apart of the Masons officially now, and experiencing that… Grotesque island with Vecnas’ nonsense, I’ve grown quite fond of what I would like to call my “squad” I suppose. Xen is a nice quiet girl, very smart I must say, and great with her hands when it comes to machinery and magic. That pet owl of hers is quite something. And than there is Ard. For a half-elf, he sure knows how to get in trouble and have a grand time. He and I would always throw ideas off one another though on how things are going to be here, and what we might be able to do to make it more enjoyable, for him atleast.

As for the training? Things are going well! Ive been practicing tactics on how to impose myself to benefit my allies better, and I’m pleased with how everything else is going thus far. I’ve taken an interest in the weaponry some people have. I’ve spoken with some about where they may have gotten their arms, and sharing with those that do care to speak with me the origin of my own, explaining that my father was a smith, not known by all, but treasured by those who did. There has been a lot of my free time spent among the other smiths, observing and offering a hand if they allow me.

Garuk Kyn

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