Xen Halthorn

A young sorcerer/engineer who is fairly shy around new people.


Was bored and wanted to visualize Xen. This was the best i could do.

Xen_Halthorn_Color.jpg Appearance

Sex: Female

Race: Half-Elf

Age: 19

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 116 lbs.

Eye Color: Brass

Skin color: Pale White

Hair color: Dirty Blonde

Special: Patches of her skin are covered in brass dragon scales, though she does her best to hide them.

General Description

Xen is a fairly short Half-Elf. She wears commoner like clothes that are usually long sleeved or legged, along with a red scarf that is partially tucked into the neck of her shirt. She wears her hair in a low pony tail casually, but will wear it down completely if she needs to go to something formal which doesn't happen often. She always has a small component pouch on her hip where she keeps all her small items that she uses for her magical gadgets that she uses to cast spells.

Overall she always seems kind of nervous or uncomfortable when around other people that she doesn't know well or trust. When she's talking about an area of interest or around people she feels completely comfortable with, she seems like a different person, she shows more emotion and smiles more often while being more talkative. If you were to touch her skin you would be able to tell that it feels fairly rough, as if she was covered in rough scales, but you cant always see them except in patches that she generally has covered.Thus far no one has really seen the scales on her body other than her parents of and some of the people from her hometown.

Strengths: Fairly Intelligent, Good with her hands, has a strong grasp on how machines work and how to create/fix them.

Weaknesses: Has strong social anxiety around groups and new people

Likes: Anything Mechanical, Reading books, her companion Owlsly, Helping people

Dislikes: Large groups, Parties, Excessive drinking, Attention

Fears: Being Alone, Rejection by society, Her Draconic powers


Known to Other Player Characters

Xen is a young half-elf girl that seems very shy. She doesn't seem to talk too much to other people but occasionally can be seen talking to her mechanical owl that rests on her shoulder or in her backpack.. Though she doesn't talk very much you can tell she cares about other people. When the going gets tough she steps up a bit and does her best act more confidently and help those along with her. Not much is known about her past other than that she was living with her foster parents before coming here and has been building mechanical constructs and gadgets for a long time.

Recently you know she's been hanging around the Smithy and created a mechanical dog for Nezeros' son. Detailed in "Xen's Journal: Training"


Full Bio is stuff that everyone else's character's dont really know about so if you dont want SPOILERS for Xen's in-depth character backstory then don't look at the section below. Also, yes i made a shit ton of backstory…. it's what i like to do


Full Bio

Xen was an orphan as far back as she can remember. She never knew her parents and was left abandoned at an orphanage when she was about 16-20 months old. She was left on the steps with a note with her name on it. The orphanage took her in and cared for her for many years. As she grew older she started to notice strange patches of brass colored scales started appearing all over her body, but at first she didn't try to hide it. The caretakers at the orphanage had no idea what was wrong with her and thought it was some sort of disease but couldn't afford to hire anyone who really knew much about what was wrong with her. The more attention that was brought about from Xen's "condition" the more people began to shun her for her appearance. Most of the other kids in the orphanage wouldn't talk to her and those that did, didn't want to for long. Many of the caretakers steered clear of her, seemingly off-put by her condition, though one gnomish caretaker named Kasden took interest in her. He took Xen under his wing in a way and taught her how to create machines. Xen had always been interested in the small gadgets that Kasden always had with him and took to it pretty quickly. Eventually she became more and more isolated and began to obsess over her machines. The only person she really talked to was Kasden and that began to worry him. He tried to encourage her to talk to the other kids and try to make more friends but she was too afraid to try.

When she turned 12 Kasden, beliveing that Xen needed a new environment, decided to try to find Xen a family of her own. He wanted to find someone who would accept her and maybe help her open up to the world around her. He reached out to an old friend of his and explained the situation and told him about Xen. Kasden knew for a long time Jasen Halthorn and his wife were looking into adopting and wanted to see if they would accept Xen. The came to visit a couple times and soon Xen started to open up to them. They didn't judge her by her appearance and were impressed with how much she knew about mechanical constructs. They decided to adopt her after a week and she lived with them ever since.

During her time living with them she still seemed to make herself isolated even when her foster parents tried to push her to make friends. She started to write her own journal after her father bought it for her and said that it would help her deal with everyday life and maybe help her to keep notes for her gadgets that she would make. Xen did at times try to make friends but every time they found something about her strange and stopped talking to her or avoided her, calling her a freak behind her back. Soon Xen gave up and decided that she would make a friend of her own, one that wouldn't judge her and would always listen to her. Around the same time Xen started to show signs of magical abilities. At first it was just little lights that she thought she would see when she got frustrated, until she accidentally started a magical fire after failing to create a small wind up toy. After this she realized that she had an innate talent for magic. This mixed with her mechanical prowess drove her to begin work on what she believed to be her most important project yet. Originally she wanted to make a humainoid robot but then thought that would be too weird, and after many alterations and over year's worth of work she made her companion, Owlsly. She made Owlsly as a record keeping Construct that had it's own personality and uses it's own language of clicks and whirrs that Xen created to communicate with her. Owlsly became a close companion to her and anywhere she goes she doesn't feel as confident without Owlsly. Even though they thought that Owlsly was making Xen more isolated they still supported her an anything she wanted to do.

Around the age of 18 Xen started to think about what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. she knew couldn't live with her parents forever and wanted to see more of the world. The only problem was she was scared and didn't know where to start. She thought about it for a while and talked about it with her parents and decided that she would start saving up to travel around the world. She helped out with repairing items and mecahnical objects that Her families friends needed fixed and soon made a good amount of money to head out on her way when she was 19. She heard about the Masons from her family and their friends and thought that maybe that would be a good way to go out and see the world and be able to actually feel like she could be someone people liked and could rely on. She knew it would dangerous and decided against telling her parents about her joining, instead saying that she was just going to explore the world. Xen left her home, taking some adventuring gear and some of her magic prototypes with her along with Owlsly. The Mason ship arrived at her town's port and she said her goodbye's to her parents and went off to new adventures and hopefully a new life.

Extra Info

Hometown: Iona

Hometown Export: Sky ship matenance

Follower of: Moradin (loosely)

Sexuality: Bisexual (Honestly just putting this on here because it could have relevance in the future)

Xen Halthorn

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